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Unit 15: Creative Arts Research Skills

This unit will allow learners to develop the research skills they need to support both theoretical and practical elements of their chosen genre. This can be applied academically, to enable learners to complete a presentation of independent work or to support and develop practical work, for example in identifying specific methodologies and techniques or providing the historical or social background for a realised product. Learners will be able to select the most appropriate methods and techniques for undertaking detailed research. They will have the opportunity to develop the skills needed to identify suitable source material and to apply the information in an appropriate context. They will acquire the skills to distinguish between primary and secondary sources, to evaluate the validity of such sources, and to extract the necessary information from them. They will then learn to synthesise their research material into an appropriate form for presentation.

Learners will identify the most suitable ways of presenting and disseminating this information in order to support specific performing arts and music activities. This will include techniques for gathering research, referencing, summarising key points and the management of research for a presentation. Learners will also be encouraged to present the researched material in a number of ways, for example written texts, PowerPoint presentations, practical demonstrations, audio and video recordings, or graphic illustrations. On completion of this unit, learners should demonstrate the ability to select appropriate topics for research, source and categorise research data, collate information to support their argument and present the findings using a suitable format.









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