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Unit 7: Aural Perception

Listening skills are fundamental to the lives of professional musicians in all roles and in all fields of music. Having a good musical ear is a prerequisite of professional musical life and a tool that can be relied on throughout a musical career. This unit develops aural perception skills working with a wide range of musical styles – pop music, classical music and music from around the world.

Through regular exercises in listening, learners will develop the skills needed to transcribe melodies and rhythms. They will learn how to analyse a piece of music using appropriate musical vocabulary, identifying and understanding the musical characteristics, and recognising the different stylistic elements involved. On completion of this unit, learners will be able to transcribe music using conventional staff notation and other systems of notation where appropriate. They will understand and use appropriate musical vocabulary and be able to identify and describe the musical characteristics of different styles of music.

They will be able to analyse and identify the key structural points of different musical forms. Learners will be able to write an analysis of a piece of music with reference to style, structure, instrumentation, texture, dynamics, recording techniques and use of music technology. Learners will gain the skills they need to operate on a day-to-day basis in a musical environment,
offering a knowledgeable and accurate use of vocabulary to engage in musical debate,
transcription and discussion.

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