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Unit 26: Marketing the Creative Arts

In this increasingly competitive sector – where self-employment and portfolio careers are often the norm – understanding marketing theory and practice can mean the difference between success and failure for audiences at live performances and for sales of recordings.

Musicians can no longer rely on the mechanisms of the traditional arts business to tackle their marketing for them and – as the tools of modern marketing are made more available to the selfpublicising artist/band – an understanding of this important field becomes vital. This unit seeks to instil a blend of existing thought on marketing with the skills necessary to develop promotional campaigns – from identification of audiences through to use of the latest technology to access them.

On completion of this unit, learners will understand the theory and practice of marketing and promotion and be able to carry those skills to the rest of their learning. They will know about audience development, including methods of market research and ways of targeting specific audiences. They will be able to market specific products and events, planning marketing activities which take into account budgetary considerations and selling points. Learners will understand how to use different marketing tools and techniques, including webbased technology.











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